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Tennis Tournament "aux Etoiles"

Meet new people and share a fun experience at the "aux Etoiles" tennis tournament in Champéry.

Come with your friends and family and challenge yourselves in this historical tournament with the Champéry tennis club.

Enjoy the fun and relaxed atmosphere to spend an active weekend in a charming environment.

2 boards: 1x Women - 1x Men

No age or level categories. Everyone can participate, no license required.

Format : 10 minute warm up and 50 minute game
Based on the number of games to get through to the next round.

"Second chance" tournament for those who don't make it through the firts round.
*following Covid recommendations

The finals will be played over 3 sets (2 winning sets).

Stay in one of our hotels for the weekend and get free entry to the pool and loads of other activities with the Multi Pass (and no registration fee for the tournament).