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Karembeu Indoor Trophy

Famous footballer Christian Karembeu has a secret crush on the Val d'Illiez! Lucky for us, it's not really a secret ...

Member of the 1998 World Champion football team and part-time resident of Champéry, Christian Karembeu is patron of this unique event which brings up-and-coming young players and retired stars together for a weekend celebrating the 'beautiful game' of football! Or soccer, if you prefer...

Saturday, February 1st:
8:45 am - Junior Tournament C and D

5:30 pm - Shock of the Veterans Chablais game

6:30 pm - Legends Match with...
Gaizka MENDIETA, Nuno GOMES, Aron WINTER, William GALLAS, David JAMES, Philippe SENDEROS, Christophe BONVIN, Stéphane HENCHOZ, Johann LONFAT, Stéphane GRICHTING, Alexandre REY, Fabrice BORER, Marc HOTTIGER, Stéphane SARNI, Lionel MORET, Christophe OHREL... and of course Christian KAREMBEU !

This match will be refereed by Ms. Nicole Petignat.

8:00 pm - Gala Evening with the day's guest-stars

Sunday, February 2, 2020
9:00 am - Junior E Tournament

For more information go to karembeuindoortrophy@gmail.com .