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The Palladium offers 2 gyms for your training:

  • Fitness room: with weight machines, cardio and a dance room (with mirror and bar)
  • Multipurpose room: equipped with badminton lines (3 courts), volleyball (1 court), basketball, various apparatus, indoor football cages and unihockey cages.

Supervised classes are offered in the various rooms of the complex, for young and old.

Fitness Room Fitness Room

Fitness training is not just for elite athletes; no matter your age or activity level, regular exercise will improve your overall health and make...

Multipurpose hall Multipurpose hall

Aquabike Aquabike

Burn fat and firm the body without stiffness! Muscle strengthening Bonus on a bike immersed in our heated pool.

Aquagym Aquagym

Strengthen your muscles while being light thanks to the resistance of the water. Insured caloric expenditure, without shocks, falls or aches.

Badminton and Indoor Sports Badminton and Indoor Sports

The Palladium's infrastructure and the large, multipurpose gym are specifically designed and equipped to host a multitude of indoor sports like...

Harmony training Harmony training